Friday, 30 April 2010

The Third and Final Leaders debate

We had the final debate last night on the BBC, focusing on the economy. This was a real debate with a lot of passion, each of the three defending their own positions and records and attacking the others as chances arose. All three did well. Gordon Brown was very tired looking. Nick Clegg was a bit nervy at times, but did not give any ammunition to the others and let rip against David Cameron on several occasions. David Cameron did well, and was judged to have won the debate, but he was very evasive in not answering questions.
In summary, very similiar to the 2nd debate. David Cameron in the lead, Nick Clegg a close second, and Gordon Brown some way behind.
I think we have to say that over the course of the three debates that the Liberal Democrats have to be very, very happy, and this sets us up well for the next week. Well done Nick Clegg. We have a very good leader AND a very good potential chancellor in that other man, what do you call him?.... Oh, yes, Vince Cable. Vince got things warmed up for these debates against the other would-be Chncellors, and also did very well on Question Time last night.

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