Saturday, 24 April 2010

Behind the scenes preparations.......

Election campaigning is not just all about pounding the streets, attending hustings, canvassing & debating. A huge amount of preparations are required behind the scenes......preparing literature for going out, writing letters, ordering supplies, getting groups of volunteers together.
Over the past few days, we have been rescuing old poster boards from people's garages and getting them all togther to paste & poster them for the many voting stations on 6th May. Today's job was cleaning off all the old posters with a steam cleaner...and the posters will be put on tomorrow. When they are dry, they are distributed to our local helpers who will ensure that they are out before 7am on polling day, and collected that night before anyone else makes of with them.
Well done to May and Willie Matheson for getting this done today. All simple, behind the scenes stuff, but essential to overall success of a campaign.

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