Sunday, 28 August 2011

Out and about in Pitlochry

We had an excellent day in Pitlochry on Friday with party leader Willie Rennie MSP and a good team of canvassers and we managed to cover much of the town for a third time. It is amazing what you can acheive with a good team, and many others came up to help us during the week as well.

Willie is excellent on the doorstep, and he is clearly now getting recognized, although people dont really know too much about him yet. They are quick to ask though, and that provides good feedback.

Also here are Cllr Tim Brett, leader of Fife council, and local party member Ken Spittal.

There are a lot of new photos here, so you can scroll down a fair bit.

Willie will be up again before polling day on 15th September. We will be going to Pitlochry/ Blair Atholl again next weekend.

You can enlarge any of the photos here simply by clicking on them.

VC and Willie Rennie

Who are you and what are you doing in Pitlochry......?

Closing down? Really?

As well as the many closed shops in Pitlochry, there are currently 9 displaying these closing down sale signs. Most of these are up for 12 months of the year, and a number of residemts have remarked on how this cheapens the look of the town. Businesses have got to advertize and get people in off the streets, yes, but this is not good practice and it reflects badly on the council and on Trading Standards that they tolerate it.

Blocked drains in Pitlochry

In both Aberfeldy and Pitlochry we have been picking up lots of blocked drains, clogged right up with grit and sand from the winter time that was never swept away. No doubt there will be other problems in other villages as well.


A bit of rain does not stop Tina.


Aberfeldy Graveyard

Aberfeldy residents have brought up the poor standard of maintenance in the graveyard. As a native woodland manager, I am normally quite happy to see trees regenerating, but not between the headstones in our local graveyard. We know there are cuts and this puts pressure on things, but this is all just basic stuff that is easy to get right.

Weeds in the carpark.

The carpark to the east of the graveyard looks particularly neglected at the moment. This is just basic maintenance that is not being done.

Speeding traffic

One of the issues coming back from our residents' surveys has been areas where speeding traffic is a problem. Many of these areas will be suitable for the Twenty's Plenty initiative, and I will aim to follow all these areas up in a systematic manner.

And again...South Loch Tay road, Kenmore

And again........Appin Place, Aberfeldy

Appin Place, Aberfeldy. Other areas that were noted were the south end of Atholl road in Pitlochry, Grandtully and Kiliecrankie.

Lib Dem Cooncillor training in Perth.....

There was an excellent training event ran by the Association of Scottish Liberal Democrat Councillours in Perth yesterday. What was immediately apparent going in through the door was the number of new faces around. Indeed, a bigger venue had to be booked the week before to cope with the demand for thew day.

In the photo above, local Lib Dem councilor Peter Barrett puts the propspective new candidates through their paces.

Other sessions included workshops for existing councillours, how to build on/ defend your record if you are part of an existing administration and the use of social networking sites.

Willie Rennie gave an insight in to the improvements he has been supporting recently.

Well done to Willie Wilson, Caron Lindsay and everyone else who put this day together. Well done folks.

Peter Barrett takes a class.....

Local Lib Dem councillor Peter Barrett gave some very useful insights to the large crowd of prospective new councillors

Saturday, 27 August 2011

The sky above Loch Rannoch

All photos can be expanded to full screen size just by clicking on them.

Way out west.....

Below are a selection of photos from around Loch Rannoch while canvassing this week, with Tina above at Rannoch Station. More photos tomorrow from canvassing in Pitlochry with Willie Rennie.


And again.....

And again......


Looking west along Loch Rannoch


The Sky over Loch Rannoch

With added fence post............

With added tree.........

By the Tay

REd deer at Glengoulandie

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

On the road today.........

Away to Kinloch Rannoch today. Excellent article in the PA yesterday and we had a good meal last night at the Italian corner in Perth, a good turnout from all the local party and Scottish Lib Dem leader Wilie Rennie in attendance too.

Back with some photos later...........

Friday, 19 August 2011

Candidates lining up now for Highland ward by-election

We have four candidates declared for the by lection in Highland Perthshire. Myself, Mike Williamson for the SNP, Graham Rees for the Conservatives and Willie Leszke as an Independent. We have through to next Wed for any late comers. Whether Labour appear or not, who knows? Your guess is as good as mine.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Essential rural services..........

There is going to be a by-election in Highland Perthshire on 15th September. This was me out delegating some leaflets for delivery, and the sun came out just passing the Lawers hotel on Loch Tay side.

Looking across Loch Tay

Meall Greigh above Lawers, Loch Tay side

Quiet summer evening in Pitlochry