Saturday, 30 July 2011

Brian Taylor's Big Debate

Well done again to Peter Barrett for a fine performance on BBC RAdio Scotland's Brian Taylor's Big Debate yesterday, chaired by the redoubtable Isobel Fraser. This went out live from Perth Concert Hall at lunchtime.
Peter answered questions on the Shore Rd incinerator, the proposed new city square and fuel poverty; his comments on the incinerator raised thunderous applause from the audience.

Listen again here:

Monday, 25 July 2011

Stop Perth Incinerator

Perth City Centre councillor Peter Barrett has certainly been busy over the last 2 weeks!

With a deadline set at midnight on Friday, Peter and his team amassed an amazing 2300 letters of objection and a petition of over 12oo. As well as door-to-door campaigning, the team also collected objections at Edinburgh Road Tesco (within sight of the proposed incinerator) and the town centre. The response from the public was incredibly positive - people were queuing up to sign! A Facebook campaign was also set up, with over 200 members.

The last 1000 letters were handed over on Friday morning, with many more flooding in via email until the last minute.

Well done Peter and the team!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Queen's View

Strawberry tea at Corsiehill

Perth & KInross Lib Dems had our annual Strawberry tea at the home of Cllr Barrett and his wife Liz at Corsiehill. As usual, we had a good turnout, raised £ for party coffers and had a good time. It rained right at the end but that did not spoil things. Willie Rennie gave us a good insight in to how he sees things working out at Holyrood.

Well done to Peter & Liz and to all who contribute to this great event.

Raffle in the rain

It was a glorious afternoon, but the rain came on just at the end when we were having the raffle.

Top table

Guests arriving. Peter Barrett (pink shirt) welcomes guests..........

Guests arriving.....

Giving out the prizes

Bottle of whiskey for Willie Matheson.

Willie Rennie.....

Willie was just saying he sensed a change in the atmosphere....with that the rain came on!!

Willie is doing a great job in the Scottish Parliament.

All smiles....

Cllr Ann Gaunt enjoys the strawberry tea.....