Thursday, 29 April 2010

Ice cream stop..........

Here we are, a trip to Lickwid Ice Cream Parlour in town, to sample their special election flavour Lic Lem. Richard Kelly of the ice cream parlour has come up with a taste sensation for each party. Commenting in the Courier, Richard said “the Labour ice cream is dependable but a bit dry – you could say it is not unlike Gordon Brown. The Lic Lem is an old favourite that might just come back into fashion while the Tory flavour is a light blue cool mint. It is something a bit different and may seem initially attractive but you probably wouldn’t fancy it every day. The SNP is represented by blueberry and white chocolate – light on the tongue but at the end of the day the flavour doesn’t really linger in any meaningful way”.

Our tasting team, pictured outside with Richard, declared Lic Lem “a definite winner”.

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