Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Peter Barrett submits his election nomination papers

Lodging his nomination papers as candidate for the Scottish Liberal Democrats in the Perth and North Perthshire constituency, Cllr Peter Barrett (centre) said,
"With only a couple of weeks to go before polling day our local campaign has been boosted tremendously by the performances of Nick Clegg and Vince Cable in the national televised debates. Following the Prime Ministers’ TV debate more and more people are saying “We agree with Nick” and are turning away from the failed old politics of Labour and Conservative. Local people know that the SNP are irrelevant at Westminster and, this time, are switching to back my campaign and the Lib Dems. All the polls are showing that this election is going to be really close."
In Perthshire people tell me you want change, you like what the Lib Dems stand for: Like our fair tax proposals, raising the tax threshold to £10,000, reducing tax for low income earners, a saving worth £700 a year and an incentive encouraging people into work.
We have set out how our fair tax cuts will be paid for, by closing tax loop-holes for those that can afford to pay more, a mansion tax and taxing aviation fairly. We are being upfront and honest about taxes. We have identified more savings than any other party, scrapping ID cards, biometric passports and the like-for-like replacement of the Trident missile system and a imposing a tax on the profits of the banks that we bailed out.
I am campaigning for a fairer society, a fairer start for all children. The Liberal Democrats “pupil premium” provides £2.5bn to help a million disadvantaged pupils and will let teachers decide how best to spend it in their schools.
We will create jobs by making Britain greener, investing in renewable energy, creating sustainable jobs, insulating more homes and public buildings, delivering energy efficient affordable homes.
We will give people the power to sack corrupt MPs and a fair voting system to clean up politics.
I have a strong record of action for Perth and my pledge to you, if elected, is to be a hardworking MP for Perthshire."
Also pictured are election agent Cllr Wilie Wilson and campaign manager Liz Barrett.

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