Sunday, 16 May 2010

Still there......

Liberal Democrats have now been in government for a few days and the world has not fallen apart yet. Schiehallion (above) was still there yesterday and it was in fact a beautiful spring day. The penny does not seem to have dropped with sections of the Press yet, who seem quite unable to grasp the theory that a coalition government requires making compromises, and the fact that two parties might have different views on some issues is not necessarily news. Interestingly, on "Have I Got A Bit More News for You" last night, the normally cynical Ian Hislop has picked up that this is now new territory, and seems genuinely taken with the idea and willing to give things a chance. Journalists are going to have to up their game now, and it appears that many of them are incapable of doing so. Alex Salmond was having to bite his lip and be nice to David Cameron and Danny Alexander on Friday at the Scottish Parliament. The Calman recommendations are going to be prominent in the programme for government, and Liberal Democrats will be playing an important role in taking those forwards now.

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