Friday, 7 May 2010

End of the road........

If we are disappointed, it is nothing compared to what Peter Lyburn must be feeling today.

This is quite a funny incident, captured by local SNP members. We put out our posterboards before first light, and put a Lib Dem board against this sign, not realizing what it was. Photos were taken by sharp-eyed SNP Cllr Ken Lyall, and promptly sent to our agent and candidate for their amusement. This additional photo with the Conservative board was also then staged. Naturally, I am not going to post the photo of ours.......!
Everyone gets caught up in the excitement of election day, and it is good for everyone when people can spot the funny moments like this.
Congratulations to the SNP on their win, and for their good humour on the day. We will of course be reminding them that we got twice as many seats in Scotland.....

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