Saturday, 8 May 2010

Scottish Lib Dems doing their bit behind the scenes.....

Negotiations are ongoing this weekend to try and put together a coalition government at Westminster. After all the ineffectual analysis on the radio yesterday, things are mercifully much more quiet today. The Lib Dems have been asked to try and form an administration with the Conservatives, or to try and form some other stable arrangement. If successful, this would give a comfortable working majority in the Commons and provide a stabe government.

If nothing is agreed, then Gordon Brown has offered us the opportunity to try and negotiate an arrangement with the Labour Party. This would not give an overall majority, and other smaller parties would also have to somehow have to be brought in to the equation.

Labour are offering an immediate opportunity to reform the voting system, the Conservatives are being much more slippery over this.

A number of key Scottish Liberal Democrat figures are in London to help advise the negotiations, following on from the experience gained from setting up stable coalitions in Scotland in 1999 and 2003.

The outcome from all this is yet to be determined but, for the moment, good luck to all involved. Party structures will allow democratic endorsement or otherwise with our membership.

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