Friday, 7 May 2010

Result for Perth & North Perthshire

Naturally, we are all disappointed by the result, coming fourth behind labour and getting just over 12% of the total. However, we did all we could over the campaign, we picked up new supporters and members and this will serve us well for subsequent campaigns for Holyrood next year and the local elections the year after that.

Thanks to all members of our campaign team and for all those people who helped us and voted for us. We will endeavor to persevere and will look forward to the next campaign when it comes.

General Election Results For Perth & Perthshire North
At the General Election in Perth & Perthshire North on 6th May 2010, 48268 votes were cast (approximately 67% of the total number of eligible voters) with the following result:

Pete Wishart (Scottish National Party): 19118 votes (+5.9%).

Peter Lyburn (Conservative): 14739 votes (+0.2%).

Jamie Glackin (Labour): 7923 votes (-2.3%).

Peter Barrett (Liberal Democrats): 5954 votes (-3.8%).

Douglas Taylor (Trust): 534 votes (+1.1%).

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