Friday, 7 May 2010

Disappointed or not?

The expected Lib Dem surge did not materialize, with the party ending on 57 seats, with 11 in Scotland. Nationally, our seats were down 5, with 23% of the vote.

However, neither of the other parties got a majority, and we are in hung parliament territory. Things have been moving quickly today, with both The Conservaives and Labour trying to woo Nick Clegg. It will be a number of days probably before we know where all this is going, but our initial disappointment, mixed with tiredness, may well disipate for us to find ourselves in government by the start of next week.

There has been a huge amount of ineffectual talk and "analysis" on TV and radio today. Lib Dem MSP Ross Finnie was the most sensible saying "Dont panic.......!! These things will sort themselves out in due course."

Quite right too. We have had plenty of political analysis over the past 4 weeks or so, and for probably two years before that. The party leadership will try to negotiate the best deal that they can for the Lib Dems, in consultation with party members. Good luck......

As an afterthought, 65% of the population voted and they managed to deliver a siuation where we actually now have no government at all to bother us for a few days. How good is that.........!!

Talk about achieving radical change through the ballot box..........maybe the British electoral system is'nt so bad after all.

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