Thursday, 24 March 2011

What has the budget done for you?

Commenting on the UK budget delivered yesterday, the Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate for Perthshire North Mr Victor Clements picks out four key issues of benefit to people in Perthshire and indeed, throughout the country.

The local candidate continued:

“Let’s be positive about this budget. There are big proposals in here that will affect our everyday lives for the better, introducing changes that will endure for the longer term.

In addition to the tax changes coming in this April that will reduce income tax for 70,000 people in Perth and Kinross and remove 1500 from the tax net completely, there will be a further increase in the tax allowance in 2012, building towards a £10,000 allowance by the end of this parliament. This is real people saving real money in real communities in this area, boosting our economy and making it worthwhile for people to get back in to work.

There is confirmation of a new Green Investment Bank with £3 billion of capital investment at the outset, which will lever up to £18 billion of private investment to develop the renewable sector and provide a huge jobs boost in Scotland.

Many people will welcome the confirmation of a flat-rate pension of £140 a week, especially women who have taken time out from work and do not have a full contributions history. Now having agreement on this in principle, the details need to be sorted out, but this policy clearly reflects the Liberal Democrat values of helping the most vulnerable in society.

There is a one pence reduction in fuel duty, and the postponement of the five pence increase that Labour proposed. This is a modest help for people, but much more than has ever been achieved in the past.

All these changes have been brought about in coalition with the Conservatives, yes, but the Tories would never have done these things by themselves, Labour never would, and the SNP never could. They can just talk about it.Liberal Democrats make these things happen.”

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