Thursday, 24 March 2011

Thought for the day

There was an interesting discussion on Radio 2 yesterday to co-incide with the UK budget. Smallbusiness owners had been asked what individual measures would have the most beneficial effect on their businesses.

The top two were actually nothing to do with government at all. They were the ambition of the business owner and the ability to show leadership and influence others in a positive manner.

Along with about 40 other people, I have been through the Rural Leadership Programme this winter, supported by Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish Agricultural Colleges. I am completely won over to the idea of more people taking a lead, telling people about good practice, how they have over-come difficulties and what they have done toimprove their businesses and lives.

Tony Hodgson fro Pitlochry has been emphasizng the importance of this locally as well. It strengthens our local communities and moves us forwards. This is what we all need at present, more than anything else.

Government must do their bit, yes, but so must we.

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