Sunday, 6 June 2010

SNP Logo confusion......

There have been some snippets in the papers today about the SNP supposedly wanting to change their logo to the Scots Pine.

Whether true or a malicious rumour, this all seems a bit odd and confused for a number of reasons.

Firstly, if you are going to re-vamp your image, surely the golden rule is not to let your new image leak out in advance of a proper launch. Suggestion of poor management/ control there for starters..........a sure sign of a party losing its touch. (It has been doing this for some time as we all know anyway)

Secondly, it really does smack of desperation for the party supposedly in "government" to be changing its logo ten months before the Scottish Elections. Is Wee Eck feeling a bit anxious I wonder, seeing his big plans and political machinations all slipping away maybe....?

Thirdly, the SNP logo is not, and never has been, the Saltire. The SNP logo is their X-vote mark on a yellow background, which is surely the height of simplicity, easily recognized and easily replicated. Even children can recignize it and know what it means. Are the SNP now so utterly unsure about their own identity, or maybe even ashamed for their record of non- acheivement, that they want to pretend to be somebody else?

Finally, the Scots Pine is a Highland tree, found in only part of Scotland as a native species. For a party that does so badly in the central belt and Borders, this could be a very bad idea indeed, suggesting that they represent only part of the total country. It is also very much in decline in some areas, again, not a good subliminal message to be sending out.

The final irony is that tree planting levels in Scotland under the SNP have been the lowest ever for the past two years, highlighting yet another area of failure that they might be better not highlighting.

Change your logo to revive your fortunes? No. Change your leader, accept a period in opposition, and dump your arrogance and parochialism and you might then revive your fortunes, after first accepting your inevitable fate in 2011.

And leave our wonderful Scots Pine alone..........

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