Saturday, 19 June 2010

Manifesto Roadshow in Kinross today

Scottish Liberal Democrats held a Manifesto Roadshow in Kinross today, consulting local members to help put together a manifesto for the Scottish Parliament elections in 2011. There will be a series of events held around the country over the next few weeks, and ideas coming forwards will help develop the pre-election manifesto that will be taken to the autumn conference.

In both 2003 and 2007, a significant proportion of the final manifesto was developed at these meetings by local party members putting forwards their ideas.

Today we discussed the four main themes that were central to the UK General Election campaign, and how they would be applicable in, the green economy, a fairer and more effective political system and taxation and spending.

Education and the economy dominated the discussion.

Anyone who missed the event can e-mail ideas they might have to

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