Sunday, 6 June 2010

Cooncillors told to get blogging!!

Scotland's 1,222 councillors have recently been given instructions to make full use of blogging and other such media to communicate what they are doing more effectively to a wider audience. Advice is to make blogs informative but entertaining, not to go off on a rant and always to be aware of legal sanctions.

If anyone wants tuition on using this blog, be they cooncillors or local party members more generally, please get on touch with me directly or indirectly through the e-mail address and I can get you started.

20-30 minutes is all that is required to get you blogging independantly. Blogs are a great way of letting people know what you are doing, for letting others see what photos you have and what you have been writing, for putting up videos and for putting up links to all sorts of interesting things that might be going on. Blogs that are constantly updated will also keep the Google visibility of the local party website high, making it easier for people to find us.

The main danger is in becoming addicted..........

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