Sunday, 27 June 2010

Lib Dems have the right arguments for Constitutional reform in Scotland

There is an interesting piece in Scotland on Sunday today regarding the virtual impossibility of Alex Salmond now being able to hold a Independance Referendum (surely not!), leaving Calman, or the Lib Dems' preference for Calman Plus as the only show in town on the constitutional front.

Since the General Election, there has been a lot of ineffectual talk about how the Lib Dems being in coalition government in Westminster is going to result in them being squeezed in the Holyrood elections in 2011.People can sometimes get squeezed if they are in the very heart of things, or they can fight their corner there and start to influence things to their advantage. The Lib Dems being at the very heart of national politics will not go unnoticed by the Scottish electorate. Appropriate constitutional change is important for many people here, not just as an end in itself, but closely interconnected with our economic prospects. The Scottish Liberal Democrats have all the right arguments on this at present and are in the right place to influence proceedings, not just to our advanage, but to the advantage of Scotland as a whole.

Far from being fearful going in to 2011, we are looking forward to an exciting challenge. The numbers of people putting themselves forward as potential candidates for election is testamony to that.

The Press are finally waking up to what we might have to offer on Scottish constitutional reform, and even Alex Salmond has now smelt the coffee as well. He may well be wanting to cosy up to us in the months ahead. Whether we want anything to do with him of course is another matter entirely.

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