Saturday, 20 November 2010

A new influx of Irish workers.......

It was very interesting on Channel 4 news this evening when two young Irish graduates were explaining to a gob smacked Kristian Guru-Murthly how work was so much easier to come by in Britain, and how they had both found the kind of jobs they were looking for in a very short space of time.

You can rationalize the advantages they have by saying they are young and mobile, well educated and determined.........but we could (should) say this about our own students as well you would think, and this is all true of course, no country or nationality has a monopoly on these attributes, and British students are certainly not lacking them!!.......... however it does just underline the fact that a positive attitude and determination and a willingness to move to find work are all-important, and a crucial part of the overall package in taking the country forward again.

This attitude is often more prevalent among working people and students than some members of the Press who make their own minds up about the story first and then look for the evidence to back this up. Full marks to the Channel 4 presenter though for listening to what the guys were actually saying, not for hearing what he might have wanted to hear.

Well done guys and good luck to you.....I guess we will be seeing some of you popping up in Scotland as well in due course.

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