Thursday, 11 November 2010

First Minister's Questions heating up.......

The nearer we get to 5th May, the more quickly the temperature builds up at First Minister's questions each week, and the more obvious the sheer hatred that exists between Alex Salmond and Labour Leader Iain Gray.

Today even John Swinney had to called to order by the Presiding Officer as he tried to defend his boss, although it has to be said, Eck was not to be put down today and gave one of his better performances. Iain Gray is however hugely effective in getting his points across, and this particular battle still has a long way to run, with the likely winner still uncertain.

Annabel Goldie then habitually adds a touch of humour to proceeedings, comparing herself to the "Finnish model" today, and the bluster has usually died away by the time it gets around to Tavish Scott, who gets relatively little time to make his point.

Pity the Scottish public looking in on this though. It is very, very difficult to pick out the substance in all this.

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