Thursday, 18 November 2010

Holyrood tax powers PS

A little further investigation reveals that the tax powers were let go by the SNP in 2007, shortly after they came to power. This was obviously one of the first things they did. I wonder if it happened during their famous first 100 days?

The Labour Government when they were at Westminster (how quickly we forget) obviously did not notice...shows you how much attention they were paying to things.

John Swinney expressly mentioned in his budget yesterday that he would not be using the tax raising powers, even though he knew that he could'nt.

It was not the SNP that revealed that these powers were now gone, but Scottish Secretary Michael Moore, to allow the parties to put together their manifestos/ budgets for the election next year.

Nice timing Michael!!! A big quiet, civil man you might be, but there is obviously a bit of devilment in there as well.

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