Saturday, 16 October 2010

Let's stick together.....?

The Nats had their Party Political broadcast on last night, which was based around the Bryan Ferry classic "Lets stick together". The broadcast consisted of a range of people singing along to the tune, and then some bland piece from Alex Salmond at the end, the substance of which I have already forgotten.

Curious that the party that blatantly cannot work with anyone else should be adopting this song, and fronted by a politican who is more divsive than any other.

Is Alex Salmond issuing a rallying call fo the whole country to pull together in a common purpose so that we can get a grip of the current financial problems and move forwards as a cohesive entity?


He is just trying to keep his Nat activists together. No politician in Scotland is less suited to pulling us all together than Wee Eck.

Their broadcast last year featured some numpty walking up to the top of a mountain and shouting "Scotland" from the summit, itself a repeat of the previous year.

This one is no better.

The SNP PR machine is apparently lacking a little inspiration at the moment...... much as the party itself has been lacking since the financial crisis broke two years ago.

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  1. "Curious that the party that blatantly cannot work with anyone else"

    That will be the SNP which is working with LibDems in councils across Scotland.....

    ......including, and what IS actually curious, in Perth and Kinross.

    Why don't you know that???

    I also seem to recall that it was the LibDems who refused to even talk about coalition in May 2007 despite the SNP saying they would set no conditions on those talks. So hardly the most divisive politician in Scotland.

    "Wee Eck" .... "some numpty"

    How rude. Is this how the P&K Lib Dems officially talk about everyone they don't agree with?