Saturday, 30 October 2010

Busy Lib Dems in Scotland

Mid Scotland & Fife list candidate Willie Rennie has put together this very useful insight in to party activity & successes over the last month or so. Busy Liberal Democrats indeed......!! In particular, the 18% increase in Scottish party membership, more or less replicated here in Perth as well, is the piece of news that our political opponents and some newspaper columnists would rather not hear..........

Good news for the Lib Dems…

Here is a recent selection of some of the good reports on the Lib Dems

Flourishing Lib Dems, reports the Herald
Lib Dem MSPs stand up for liberal principles
Lib Dems attack big wages

.........and the carriers were saved too The Courier reported the Lib Dem conference’s backing for the aircraft carriers. Courier report of the conference

…....and reported they were saved following a visit from Scottish Secretary Mike Moore and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg The Courier reports Nick Clegg's visit to Fife

Willie Rennie continues:

"We must not forget that it was reckless spending decisions by the last Labour Government that put the future of the aircraft carriers at risk. And it was a Lib Dem Minister who made and won the argument to proceed with their construction. Michael Moore, Lib Dem Secretary of State for Scotland, played a crucial role in the decision to proceed with the carriers. I know, from direct experience, he quietly but with great determination successfully influenced and persuaded the Cabinet."

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