Saturday, 16 October 2010

Brian Taylor's big debate

There was a very good debate in Perth yesterday at lunchtime, chaired admirably as always by Brian Taylor and featuring on the panel a fine line-up of MSPs in Jeremy Purvis (Lib Dems), Richard Simpson (Labour), Alex Johnstone (Conservatives) and Fergus Ewing (SNP).

Subjects covered included freezing the council tax, whether higher education in Scotland should be free or not, double jeopardy and the balance between public and private sector employment in the economy in Scotland. The debate was good, with differences in policy already in evidence. The electorate will certainly be getting a choice in 2011, that much is for sure.

Jeremy Purvis came across very well, as did one of our local party members in the audience. Well done that woman!!

The final question was "Which party leader would you fire first on The Apprentice."

Two of the speakers opted very quickly for Alex Salmond, one for the BNPs Nick Griffin, and the SNP suggested that they should hire Guy Fawkes to burn down the Houses of Parliament at Westminster.

Who says the Nats dont have a (albeit very laboured) sense of humour....?

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