Thursday, 23 September 2010

Vince Cable speaking his mind in Liverpool

Vince Cable has certainly been making people sit up and listen in Liverpool this week, articulating very clearly what many people think but cannot always find the words to say.

Is'nt it strange how a certain type of business person likes to use strong & emotive language themselves, but dont like it when others do it?

Well done to Vince cable for speaking his mind. He was'nt just playing to the gallery at a Lib Dem conference, he was clearing speaking to the wider country.

Liberal Democrats punch above our weight - Vince Cable
"We have punched above our weight in government because we have a democratic party which has clear principles and policies" said Vince Cable in his keynote conference speech today.

"In a few short months we have showed how we can advance our party’s policies and principles while serving the wider national interest. But we need to sell this message. The Tories will not do that for us. We have to do it ourselves. That means focus leaflets and doorsteps. That means you. We need you. All of you." Vince also attacked Labour's record on the economy, saying: "We know that if elected Labour planned to raise VAT. They attack this government’s cuts but say not a peep about the £23bn of fiscal tightening Alistair Darling had already introduced. They planned to chop my department’s budget by 20 to 25%, but now they oppose every cut, ranting with synthetic rage, and refuse, point blank, to set out their alternatives. They demand a plan B but don’t have a plan A. The only tough choice they will face is which Miliband."

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