Thursday, 16 September 2010

Half the story.........

I switched on the TV to see Reporting Scotland this evening to catch the very end of a report by Glen Campbell who was standing in front of the crowds at Belahouston park in Glasgow, where the Pope was holding his open-air mass. Glen was relating how some-one had asked Conservative Leader Annabel Goldie if she was wearing tartan knickers.

I could'nt belive my ears. For a moment I thought it must have been the Pope who said it, and we were all set for a national furore, the like of which we had never heard before.

The story was over before I knew who said it. A quick Google ascertained it was'nt the Pope who had asked Annabel Goldie if she was wearing tartan was just Prince Philip!!

Funny how some people can get away with things where others could'nt eh?

Surely the highlight of Annabel Goldie's career to date. Bet First Minister's questions next week should be good.

Well done Annabel for being a good sport.

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