Saturday, 25 September 2010

Regional List results

The results of the Regional List voting for Mid Scotland & Fife are now publicly available, after an excellent contest with nine high-calibre candidates, and we have probably a stronger team going in to the Holyrood elections next year as we ever have had before.

The Lib Dem Regional list was topped by Willie Rennie, the ex-MP for Dunfermline and West Fife who won a famous by-election victory over Labour in 2006. Willie knows the party in Scotland inside out, will be a formidable organizer and campaigner and will be a very real asset to the Scottish Parliament if he is elected.

Tim Brett came second. Tim is a well respected and well liked councillor in Fife with a lifetime of experience working in the NHS. With the difficult times that undoubtedly lie ahead in Scotland and with the NHS such a key public service to defend and manage effectively, Tim is likely to be a key contributor with a very useful skill-set.

James Taylor from Alyth came third. James is a successful businessman with tremendous energy and drive and has vowed to put job creation at the top of his political agenda.

Peter Barrett came fourth. Peter is an experienced and innovative campaigner, very popular and well respected in and around Perth, and with a career in the building trade and now Convenor of the Housing & Health committee on PKC, he has a wide range of useful skills to contribute to the overall team effort.

We have a very strong Top Four in this list without doubt.

Jane Ann Liston from Fife and Russell Auld from Milnathort fill the fifth and sixth positions. Both are hard working local party members who put in a huge amount of effort week in & week out on behalf of their local communities.

Finally, 18 year old Callum Leslie won a lot of admiration for putting himself up for election at such a young age, and he will work selflessly to get the youth vote out for us.

Well done to all concerned, and good luck in 2011.

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