Sunday, 5 December 2010

Little Ed in trouble already......

No sooner has Ed Milliband came back from maternity leave, than the Labour Party are apparently questioning his leadership already, and making noises that they want him replaced.

Labour have huge differences of opinion on policy. Their big players, what few that remain, are all keeping their heads down, and the whole body language of Little Ed suggests that he is not the leader at all. Labour, as we all know, have a long track record of pulling themselves apart when in opposition. This lot are not going to be a threat to the Coalition Government in this parliamentary session.

Little Ed seems to be struggling to get started, and it is doubtful if he has it in him to succeed.

But before Labour start to ferment their old animosities and decide whether Little Ed is up to the job or not, they should consider one thing:

You chose him...!!!! Just a few months ago in fact. Just like you chose Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.

As Liberal Democrats, are we interested in all this?



Thought not.........

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