Friday, 17 December 2010


ScotGov published their green paper on future funding for Scottish universities yesterday. We were told to await a "uniquely Scottish solution"

It did not appear. there is no silver bullet apparently.

We might:

* Have education for free
* Have it paid for by £6000 fees on other UK and European students
* Have a graduate tax
* Have business sponsor students
* Receive donations

We dont know what the order of magnitude of any deficit in funding actually is, but we might in February. The Conservatives want a graduate contribution regardless, Labour are hinting at a graduate tax....Mike Russell is saying to wait and see.

So are the Lib Dems.....but with this much uncertainty, who can blame them?

Our focus now must be on ensuring that we know the full scale of the undertaking in February, and not allow this last opportunity to be lost. Otherwise, a key area of debate at the next election will be ill informed and future students will not know who to beleive.

We were led to beleive that yesterday would inform future debate on education in Scotland, but we dont appear to much further forward really.


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