Saturday, 27 March 2010

Ready to go

With all the necessary fundraising behind us, Peter Barrett and his team can spend the next 6 weeks or so campaigning and getting Liberal Democrat messages across.
We will be campaigning on four key themes, all based around the central principle of fairness for all. With Liberal Democrats in office:
1 No-one will pay tax on their first £10,000 of earnings, giving the average wage-earner £700 extra in their pocket
2 We will introduce a "pupil premium" to create greater educational opportunities for everyone, so that not only those who can afford a good education will get one.
3 We will build a modern economy based around new technology and especially new green jobs
4 We will work hard to clean up politics, including introducing mechanisms that will allow voters to recall errant MPs, and introducing Proportional Representation which will deny complacent career politicians the chance of a nice secure seat where they do not have to try too hard.
When you're ready Gordon.........!!

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