Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A Consensus for Cable

Although the Chancellors' debate on Channel 4 last night was a bit of a cagey affair and never really set the heather on fire, it was interesting to see how the three candidates related to one another.

Polls after the programme indicated that Liberal Democrat Vince Cable came out on top (36%) against 32% for each of the others.

More significantly, of the 4-5 times that there was spontaneous applause from the audience, all but once was for Vince, especially when he said that "Some of us DID see the financial crisis coming......." and again when he suggested that the Conservatives "wanted to get their snouts back in the trough again...". The BBC's Nick Robinson described Vince Cable as the clear winner and on Breakfast this morning, 4/5 of those questioned after leaving the event thought that Vince Cable came out on top easily.

That all sounds like a bit of a consensus. Methinks we could do quite well in this election.......well done that man!!! A great start.......

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