Sunday, 3 April 2011

Other People's campaign literature

We had a really good distributing leafletts in North Muirton in Perth on Saturday. Leafletting often provides opportunities to see what other parties are putting out if they get stuck in people's letterboxes.

Labour have a leaflet out, 75% of which is focused on targetting the SNP for their broken promises. You can see link to these here below. This may well all be right of course, but no mention of what Labour are intending to do. Labour are getting the wobbles at the moment, no doubt about that.

One of Murdo Fraser's leafletters helpfully left a Tory newspaper where it could be accessed. One point of note was in the Voting Day information section, where it says that voters will be issued with two voting papers.

They will actually be getting three, the third being the AV referendum paper. The Tories may well be against this, but surely they can provide people with the right information......!!

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