Saturday, 19 February 2011

AV is Go

After some last minute shenanigans in the House of Lords, there will be a referendum on Electoral Reform on 5th May. More on this again, but for starters, see below from the Yes to farirer Votes Campaign.

After months of insider games and wrangling, the date is finally set. On 5 May we've won the right to say Yes to Fairer Votes. Lines have been drawn in the sand - now we need to make sure that Britain wakes to a better and fairer democracy this summer.

This won't be easy. The No Campaign is implementing a clear strategy to avoid the debate and confuse the electorate.

But we are making progress. Polls at the weekend confirmed us opening up a lead on the No campaign. But there still are hundreds of thousands of undecided voters, and we need to make our case for change day in, day out right until Polling Day.

Whilst the No campaign is led by party political MPs and former MPs defending the status quo, we're being driven by real voters dedicated to changing the way we do politics.

We are a people-led campaign, but we have in the last week attracted some high profile supporters. Eddie Izzard, Martin Bell and Greg Dyke have all joined up as vice-chairs, and national treasures like Joanna Lumley and John Cleese are all lining up to say Yes to AV. We've even received a nod from King George VI himself, Colin Firth.

Celebrity supporters are great, but this referendum is about building a fairer political system for every man, woman and child in Britain. That's where we need to focus our campaigning.

This campaign will be won or lost by the grassroots - that means you. This is your chance to step up and take ownership of our electoral system. What we do in the next two months will determine the future of UK politics. We can't miss this chance - we are relying on you.

With thanks,

Jonathan Bartley

Yes to Fairer Votes

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