Thursday, 26 August 2010

Regional Party Hustings for Holyrood 2011

Mid Scotland & Fife had an excellent hustings last night in the Loch Leven Community Campus in Kinross. Ably chaired by Regional Party Convenor Willie Wilson, Depute Provost of PKC, each of the candidates had 5 minutes to present why they wanted to be No1 on the regional list, followed by quick-fire questions from the audience, who responded excellently to the challenge, with each candidate getting through 10-12 questions each across a broad range of policy areas.

The candidates are out and about canvassing for support at the moment. Ballot papers go out at the start of September, and must be returned by noon on 17th September.

Our candidates for the Regional List are:

Russell Auld, Peter Barrett, Tim Brett, Callum Leslie, Jane Ann Liston, John Mainland, Willie Rennie, James Taylor and Jim Tolson.

Good luck to you all.

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